There was a time when computer networks were the preserve of big businesses. Today most homes have some form of data network, whether wireless or wired. Sadly, at times, they can prove problematic. We pride ourselves on being a premier provider of Berkshire network cabling.

Berkshire network cabling

Cat5(e) & Cat6 Cabling

While wireless networking has improved dramatically in recent years a wired connection might be often preferred for certain activities. These include streaming HDTV content and online gaming. But what if your router is on the other side of your property? Perhaps you’re not confident with installing the necessary cabling yourself. We at Berkshire Aerial Services can supply and install your network cabling to the exact length you require and will make every effort to install your cabling as discretely as possible whether via an indoor or outdoor routing.

BT-HubExtend your WiFi range

In larger properties a single WiFi router will often not be enough to provide coverage over your whole home. By installing additional access points connected to your main router we can extend your network over almost any distance. Perhaps you have a home office at the end of the garden or need better coverage in your kitchen. We at Berkshire Aerial Services can provide you with a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Berkshire Network Cabling

Berkshire network cablingFor more information about home networking and for a free estimate, contact us today. We provide all domestic and small commercial networking solutions. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation for excellent customer service. Check out what our customers are saying about us by clicking here to read their reviews.

Network Cabling in Berkshire
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Network Cabling in Berkshire
Are you looking for a wired network solution at home? We at Berkshire Aerial Services can supply and install all the cabling, outlet sockets and equipment you need to get your home reliably connected.
Berkshire Network Cabling
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