Coaxial cable, the cable that carries the signal from your aerial or satellite to your TV, can last for decades. However, once it starts to degrade you may find yourself losing signal quality. What makes it harder to diagnose is that initially, the fault is likely to be intermittent. 

Cable degradation

As your outdoor cable goes through the seasons it is constantly being warmed up and cooled and is exposed to the sun and wind, all of which contribute to cable deterioration. At some point, the cable casing will crack. Initially, this may not cause a problem but as time goes on water begins to seep in during wet weather and the cable continues to degrade.

What we are then left with is a cracked cable allowing water into it which can go on to damage splitters and, if left for too long, can begin to damage any attached equipment.

So if you are experiencing intermittent signal loss, especially during windy and/or wet weather, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assess your systems and provide any remedial repair.

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Aerial and satellite cable repair in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire
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Aerial and satellite cable repair in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire
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Have you found your aerial or satellite has started to give intermittent faults? Your cable may be deteriorating. Acting fast can help to limit the potential damage. Call Berkshire Aerial Service today for a free estimate.
Intermittent Signal Failure in Berkshire?
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