Have you been considering improving your home security or fire and CO safety? Nest provide some of the best products on the market and we’re proud of our partnership with them. If you’re looking for a Berkshire Nest installer, we can help. We also cover the surrounding counties.

For the most part Nest products are easy to install and simple to set up. However, if you find yourself needing extra assistance, perhaps with a hard to reach location for a camera, or maybe you need to improve your wifi signal to a Nest Protect, we’re here to help.

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Nest Cam

Berkshire Nest cam on shelf

Every model of Nest Cam plugs into the mains power supply, so it won’t miss a thing. Once set up and connected to your Nest account you can view the footage from anywhere and receive notifications when the camera notices anything untoward.

Nest Cams are smart, very smart. They can tell the difference between a person and a thing so you’ll only receive the notifications you really need.

If you’re considering a home CCTV system Nest is by far the best choice. If you’re looking for a Berkshire Nest installer, we can help to ensure your installation is as neat, tidy and professional as you’d expect. 

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is an internet connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. It can be connected to a power supply or run on batteries. It connects to your Nest app and gives you notifications should it detect anything. It is auto testing and can give you a friendly spoken warning before a full alarm.

It lights your way in the dark too. So if you need to get up in the night Nest Protect will detect your presence and give you a gentle light to guide you. 

Nest protect

Nest Protect senses when you turn off the light at night and gives you a reassuring brief green glow to let you know it’s got you covered for the night.

Nest Connects

Nest products connect seamlessly with your other online services allowing you complete control. So if your Nest Cam detects a person during the night, it can automatically switch on your lights. If Nest Protect detects a fire or carbon monoxide it can be set up to flash your lights to wake you up.

works with amazon alexa
works with Google assistant
works with ifttt

Your Berkshire Nest Installer

By drawing on our experience as home network installers, TV aerial and satellite installers and TV installation specialists we can guarantee you the best possible installation of your Nest cameras or smoke detectors. We will install your devices exactly where you choose to have them. Need a camera high up at the front of your house? We can do that. Need an extension to your home network to cover a camera or detector, we can do that too.

We’re proud of our reputation for excellent customer service. Take a look at our reviews page or search for us on Google to read a wealth of reviews from satisfied customers.

We’ll make sure your Nest account is set up correctly and that everything is connected. Let us take the strain ad provide you with your perfect install. Call today for a free estimate.

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We're proud to be partnered with Nest as your Berkshire Nest installer. For all Nest Cam and Protect installs and setups call today for your free estimate.
Berkshire Nest Installer
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