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If you’re looking for a Buckinghamshire BT TV installation then we’re here to help. There’s no doubt that BT TV is gaining market share because of it’s reasonable monthly charges and easy access to online on-demand services including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and itv Hub.

However, for the most part you are required to install and set it up yourself. If you need a BT TV installation service, we’ll be happy to offer you an estimate.

Optimising Your Signal

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BT TV boxes seem to require a especially strong signal from your antenna. It may surprise you to find that an aerial that has performed well for several years simply isn’t enough for your new BT TV box. You may experience picture blocking or sound clicks. We can provide the solution by either replacing or amplifying your existing equipment.

Buckinghamshire BT TV Services

When your box arrives we can install and connect it and remove any obsolete equipment. We will gladly test your aerial to ensure that it is performing sufficiently and after discussion on your options we will take any steps necessary to improve your reception.

Clients frequently take the opportunity while we are installing thier box to wall mount the television. Click here to learn more about our wall-mounting services.


Berkshire BT TV installation

Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for good customer service. We never commence work before agreeing a price, our rates are reasonable and there are no hidden or unexpected charges. Almost all our clients pay the price quoted or less. More than 95% of our customers rate our service as five stars.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Click here to find hundreds of reviews here on our site or search for us on Google or Yell to see reviews clients have left there.

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